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Our Mission

The American Red Cross Club at Michigan State University is a student organization that helps with campus blood drives, donations for the Red Cross, and community service for the East Lansing area. Our lines of service include preparedness, health and safety services, international, disaster and biomedical services and service to the armed forces. Join the effects of the American Red Cross right here on campus!

current club initiatives

  • Providing service at campus blood drives. Our members help set up for drives, check in donators, assist the nurses, and accompany donators at the snack table before they leave.

  • Feed the homeless. The Club travels to the Lansing Shelter one day per week and serves dinner to the Shelter's residents and the homeless of the streets.

  • Propagate the values of the American Red Cross. By serving the East Lansing area, our club represents the national organization at a local level.

  • Incorporating intercollegiate service. Each year, Michigan State University and Penn State University embark on a challenge to gather the most donated blood in the well-known "MSU-PSU Blood Challenge". PSU's Red Cross Club, like ours, strives to find donators to help win the title. Most importantly, ill and injured individuals all over the country benefit from the donations.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Work campus blood drives

  • Volunteer at the donor room

  • Serve at the Lansing Shelter

  • Announce blood drives in your classes

  • Post advertisements for campus blood drives

  • Participate in the Chapter's office

  • Volunteer at Community Outreach events

  • Respond to various events presented throughout the semester (such as fundraisers)

  • Attend meetings!

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