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Meet Our Executive Board

Michigan State University's executive board is committed to leading today's future doctors, nurses, health practitioners, and good samaritans. Each member of the executive board serves an important role for the success of our club.

Nicole Lipcaman



Bella Jin


Bella is a fourth-year student here at Michigan State majoring in Supply Chain with a focus on Pre-Dental. She has been a member of the club since her freshman year. Bella loves how we get to see hands-on volunteer opportunities right on campus!


Mei Hauenstein


Mei is a sophomore majoring in Kinesiology and working on a double minor in Japanese and Health Promotion. She sees the MSU American Red Cross as more than a club that focuses on blood drives but also a group who try to find other ways to help the community. Mei is also apart of the archery team here at MSU.




Sydney Pauls

Partnership Chair

Sydney Pauls is a senior here at Michigan State. She is apart of the Lyman Briggs College majoring in Physiology. One of her favorite parts of the club are the different outreach opportunities that we have. She is looking forward to implementing even more opportunities for this upcoming school year.


Abhiraj Singh

Publicity Chair